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All the reasons to have an engagement shoot!

June 22

An engagement shoot is something I always try to encourage, but not something every couple goes for? Why do I encourage them I hear you ask? Well that’s what this post is all about! A million and one reasons to have an engagement photo shoot! (Okay.. I haven’t got the time to write that many, but its a great selection!)

Engagement shoot with Sophie & Scott

March 12

Recently in March I travelled down to East Sussex to spend the afternoon photographing one very in love couple, Sophie & Scott. Taking a look around their chosen venue to spend their wedding, The Gallivant Hotel, I knew straight away we was going to have a perfect day.

With the Hotel being owned by a interior stylist, each room was given a individual, yet minimalistic personal touch, be it a vintage telephone, art on the wall, a very retro clock, or simple, a little starfish leaning against the wall. I was in awe!