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Wedding inspiration 2018 – Watercolour cakes

March 7

Wedding inspiration 2018 – Watercolour cakes

One of the massive trends i’ve been seeing in my recent weddings, as well as all over pinterest is water colour cakes! A very new contemporary style of wedding cake, are you diggin’ it? lets have a look!

Wedding inspiration 2018 – A Blush wedding

February 27

Wedding inspiration 2018 – A Blush wedding

Inspiration posts are back! First one of course, has to be one I absolutely love. We’re currently planning our own wedding, and getting all the completely over excited vibes you lovely couples get too! For our wedding we’re styling it with blush pink, So come and check out what we’re creating!

Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!

August 14

So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out I am a BIG fan of dogs! When I got an email of a couple looking to book with dogs involved later on this year, I may have squealed several times in excitement! I know when we get married, all the dogs I know of will all be coming to our wedding!

Inspiration – A Crystal & Semi Precious Stone Wedding

July 11

So if you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE Crystals, gemstones, rocks, and semi-precious stones. You name it, I probably have it, or its on my wish list! I know i’m not on my own here either! Seeing as Diamonds or similar stones end up in your engagement ring and/or wedding ring. I think its safe to say the majority of women love a good rock! So why not include them that little bit more in the wedding and make them a feature?!

Inspiration – A Very Rustic Wedding!

June 13

One thing I could do, Is sit on Pinterest for hours on end and admire everyone else weddings! I’m not married or engaged myself (yet!) however I can dream about my perfect wedding! Only problem is, my favourite theme/style/colours change pretty much on a weekly basis so as you can image my Pinterest is quite varied!