Gedling Country Park Family Photos

July 5

Gedling Country Park Family Photos

At the beginning of May, I got to meet up with a old friend Dena from my very first job, back in 2006 at Harveys! Since then, I’ve watched Dena get married to the love of her life Gary, and her life blossom into a beautiful little family, and when she asked if she could have a family photoshoot I was super excited!

We decided to keep it local to us and go over to newly opened Gedling Country park! With lots of little adventure spots for the kids, It was the perfect¬†location! It didn’t take long for Jamie and Isaac to get exploring through the little woodlands we found at the top of the hill and captured their excitement perfectly!

Once we was finished here, we carried on to various spots down the hill, where Jamie got to build stone towers (Something to do with Macca Pacca? – i’m out of the loop with kids shows clearly! haha) and after we finished a lovely walk down the hill we found ourselves at the pond at the bottom where we was soon to ¬†find it full of tadpoles! Been many years since i’ve seen them, so that was quite exciting for both Jamie and Isaac!

Not only is this park a great location for photos, the walks around it too are fantastic! there is some fantastic wildlife alongside the walks (apparently deers! yet to see these however!) amazing birds, bunny and so on to keep the children easily entertained!

Here is a few shots of what we got up to on the day!






Hope you have enjoyed the photos as much as we did shooting them!