Inspiration – A Crystal & Semi Precious Stone Wedding

July 11

So if you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE Crystals, gemstones, rocks, and semi-precious stones. You name it, I probably have it, or its on my wish list! I know i’m not on my own here either! Seeing as Diamonds or similar stones end up in your engagement ring and/or wedding ring. I think its safe to say the majority of women love a good rock! So why not include them that little bit more in the wedding and make them a feature?!

Inspiration – A Crystal & Semi Precious Stone Wedding

Now, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t until a few nights ago that I even thought about doing this! And now I’ve realised, It’s certainly happening at my own wedding! I was once at a crystal store and a lady was selecting a huge variety of stones, just holding them to ‘feel its energy’ and then taking notes. (If you’re knowledge of gemstones isn’t great, then don’t worry! I won’t go into too much technical detail!!) When the stall owner asked if she needed any help, all the lady replied with was “i’m connecting each stone to each one of my guests” At the time I didn’t click until a few nights ago. They was the wedding favours! She had selected around 50 of the most beautiful rough gemstones and crystals and wrapped each one individually in tissue paper and ff she went to plan, in my eyes, the most awesome wedding ever, and I didn’t even realise!

So now I’m all hell-bent on having a crystal wedding I was straight onto Pinterest to plan my future wedding! (I’m not even engaged yet… is this bad?!) Here is loads of ideas which I thought was completely amazing, and if you’re interested in this too, I’m sure you will love them also!


PLEASE NOTE! None of these photos belong to me, I have linked the images back to where I found them on Pinterest and if I can find out who the photographer/artist is I have linked them also! If you love what you see, just click the image, and it will take you to the original source via Pinterest! May lead you to another fabulous and inspiring blog, so you too can spend hours admiring!



So, The first thing I thought of for introducing gemstones to a wedding would certainly be the favours! You’d be amazed at how cheap you can buy these too sometimes, I have got quite lucky and managed to find gemstones in Charity shops! You don’t come across that very often, but if you do, make sure you snap them up fast! Unless you’re a rock geek (Like myself) you won’t know the value or the rarity of the stone and you could get super lucky! However if you haven’t got time, just google your nearest crystal shop/stall in your town and they won’t be far away! What I usually find is if you’re on a budget, they will have a bowl of stones which are usually 3 polished gemstones for a £1! Super cheap favours, although if you prefer rough gemstones (like above examples) they are slightly more expensive. To keep costs down, look out for Amethyst, Citrine, Agate, Tigers-eye and Pyrite will be a great starting point and a great variety of colours too!


Why not kill two birds with one stone? (Ha!) Still using the stones as the wedding favours, however instead of giving them separately incorporate them  into the table plan, use a little bit of blue tack to attach them to the name tags as used as an example above! (Don’t use superglue, as you’ll never get it off the stone!) Personally I think this is a fabulous idea. One idea I would love to do, ask everyone their favourite colour, and then match the stone to that colour as close as possible! If you’re looking to stick to the cheaper gemstones though, you could still go with favourite colours in a stone called Agate. This is a very common stone, Agate lace slices are very pleasing to the eye. Usually dyed in all colours under the sun and every crystal store will sell it. Easy and cheaper option!

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 20.48.17

Certainly doing this! This rock is called a Geode. Geodes are rocks which take millions and millions of years to form and to fill inside, starting off as a gas bubble formed within a layer of rock. With the help of gas, rain, pressure and time crystals inside the bubble will form and these can range from mainly quartz, but also Calcite and Amethyst, and no two rocks are the same! Personally I think this makes these super exciting.  Get yourself down to a crystal fair where they will let you open up your own geode and make it personal! it’s always an amazing surprise with what will be inside, and as a bonus you can get both sides of the stone. The perfect unique ring holder!


Awesome idea alert! Now I know this isn’t a wedding image however I stumbled across this, and what great decorations would these make! Either as the centre pieces on the tables, Or lining the wedding breakfast/dance floor? They’re pretty cheap too, made out of tracing paper. Wondering how on earth you make them? Click on the picture and there is templates! Doesn’t get any easier than that, and they will be so eye-catching, your guests will think you’ve spent loads of money on them! If I was to do this myself though, I think I would get some water colours (Or very watered down acrylic paint) and lightly paint them onto one of the tips to give a dip dyed effect. However you may find out how that suggestion works out before me!



Now the table numbers. How classy is this! As mentioned above, this is the stone called Agate as a sliced and polished rock. This is a pretty common stone, and adding golden numbers to them just makes them look all that more amazing! At a guess I would say that these are gold leaf stickers, however have a look around in craft shops for where to get them from. depending on your colour scheme though, I think it would be a great idea to colour co-ordinate the numbers!


If you’re having a crystal gemstone inspired wedding, you’ve got to include the cake into the decoration! Above I’ve linked to quite a classy example. I feel with gemstones being very eye-catching and intriguing, it would be wise to keep the cake plain as possible. I have seen some examples of the cakes covered in gemstones and I just felt like they was so busy and distracting your eyes just didn’t know where to look first! keeping the colour palette minimal with the rocks at the bottom, as the example above works so well! also, It wouldn’t cost a bomb to do either!


For the table decorations, why not go down the natural rustic route? Naturally treated wooden table surrounding your guests table with everything natural! Place multiple small plants, I.E. cactus or Succulents would mix well with gemstones and candles covering the middle run of the table! Not only will your table look absolutely beautiful but its a great talking point for the guests too! However here I would advice not putting small rocks near children if they are attending the wedding, as you don’t want them as a choking hazard on the day!


Sticking to a colour scheme or going for the ultimate minimalist wedding and still keep the wedding amazing? then this is an absolutely perfect idea! Keeping the colour scheme completely white, with the slight hints of silver just looks out of this world! for gemstones to achieve this look I would recommend, Quartz, Howlite, Milky Quartz, Celestine, or even pearl for a very slight variation!


Last, but not least! The wedding rings! This may not be to everyones taste, however it certainly is unique! Both you and your partner could select a stone which is personal to you both, then get then cut and made into rings for you. Having a ring that no other person will have is certainly a talking point, and on that you will treasure dearly for the rest of your lives.


So, have I convinced you to introduce Crystals into your wedding too? Like I said previously it’s not to everyones taste, but it certainly is mine! Great addition to any bohemian wedding!


Jess <3