Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!

August 14

So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out I am a BIG fan of dogs! When I got an email of a couple looking to book with dogs involved later on this year, I may have squealed several times in excitement! I know when we get married, all the dogs I know of will all be coming to our wedding!

Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!

I recently shot a wedding which had the gorgeous Spike in! Sneak Peak of the photos are here, however I’m yet to do the full wedding blog post so you’ve got to wait to see his gorgeous little face! (I can’t due to publishing limits with a magazine feature in the next few months.. suspense is killing me!!!)

I know not all venues will accept dogs, which is totally understandable, however if you’re 100% certain that your best furry friend has to be involved in the wedding, then here is many ways you can get them involved!


PLEASE NOTE! None of these photos belong to me, I have linked the images back to where I found them on Pinterest and if I can find out who the photographer/artist is I have linked them also! If you love what you see, just click the image, and it will take you to the original source via Pinterest! May lead you to another fabulous and inspiring blog, so you too can spend hours admiring!


PS Sorry yet again! You can tell I’m fully in the swing of the wedding season – Lack of blogging! Think there is only a few more weeks of weddings then I can blog all about them!



Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!


So, how can you start to get your little pop(s) involved in your wedding? Well how about at the very start?! I know this isn’t the intention of this image, but why not propose with your dog involved? Ideas could be balancing the ring on their nose? Having the ring box around their neck so your new Mrs to be can open the amazing surprise? Get them to wear a bandana around their neck with ‘Marry My Daddy Please!’ ‘My Daddy Woofs You! Marry Him!’ written on it? Cheesy I know, but if you don’t mind a bit of it, then I say, Go for it!! There is so many possibilities, they’re all oozing the cute factor, It would be a shame not too!


Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!

Now You’ve popped the question, How’re you going to tell everyone? Well you’re furry best friend will of course! The image above done by Rockhill Studio is a fantastic idea. Having yourselves in the background of the image whilst your doggie tells everyone you’re getting married with this cute and Kitsch blackboard is the great starting point if you’re having a vintage barn style wedding. Au Natural and it certainly stands out from your standard ‘we’re engaged!’ shot! I would advise though. Most people shoot their ‘im engaged!’ shots themselves, on their phones etc. However for this style of shot unless you know how to use a DSLR camera, ask for a professionals help to get this look and aesthetic to the image, As they will need to play around with the aperture and angles. I wont bore you with the technical details that you really don’t need to know! However I’m sure there will be someone nearby more than willing to help!


Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!

So its come round to the wedding day! Now, are you willing to decorate your doggie?! Now I know from experience not all dogs are going to be okay with this one bit, however you could always try just the lead! If you have a colour scheme you could continue the decorations down the lead? Like above, you could cover the lead in Ribbon, or an easier option could be just to get a new lead in the colour of your theme. If you want to keep decorating then you could also put flowers around the lead. These are easily obtainable from craft shops like Hobbycraft, The Range and so on (Sorry I’m not too sure about American stores!) They will do various coloured roses on Wire which you could easily wrap around the lead, Or if you’re feeling brave, Glue them on! It’s a great way to make your doggie feel like its party of the celebrations!


Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!

Will your pup let you do absolutely anything to him/her? you could TRY a headdress? However I’ll be honest, may not last that long, 2 minutes? maybe? If you’re destined to have  the dog(s) have head dresses on, it may be worth just having them on for the formal and group shots, and having someone on doggie watch! They can be quite funny when objects come close to their eyes but as long as they don’t get too stressed out with it (And potentially rip it a part!!) they will be okay. How cute does it look though? If you have a posing doggie, You can at least give it a go!


Inspiration – A Dog Friendly Wedding!

However! Whatever you do, If you have a pup with a bit of a sweet tooth and likes his/hers own little adventures then make sure all food is well out of their reach, ESPECIALLY the wedding cake! As you can tell here, no one but the photographer is aware of whats going on here (Lets hope they stopped the dog instead of carrying on photographing him!!) Although you can imagine, that cake looks pretty expensive, the newly weds must have been VERY upset about that! Even though it is funny to look at now, would you want that to happy at your wedding? I’m guessing not! and I’m sure the poor dog felt it the next day!

Important notes for if you’re bringing your beloved doggies to the wedding which I feel I must mention!

  • you must must must have a bowl of water for them to go back to. Big venue? Pop a few down! The venue will be more than willing to have someone to top them up every now and then to make sure they don’t get thirsty.
  • Don’t forget the dog food! The smell of all the food will drive them crazy, so make sure they’re happy food wise, bring treats (great for photos!) and their meals as per usual so they’re still in their routine
  • If they’re on medication make sure you have a family member who is in charge of giving it to them.
  • Give a few people the job of keeping an eye on the dog(s). If you have a dog, you’ll know how much they love to wander around and go on a little adventure at every chance they get!

Will you been inviting your beloved pubs to your wedding? Let us know all about it!!


Jess <3