Inspiration – A Geometric Wedding

November 9

So, I stumbled across a pretty unique theme for a wedding! A Geometric wedding! There isn’t many of these floating around so i have had to do a lot of hunting, however I think this is an amazing idea for a wedding if you’re looking for something quite modern and unique!

Inspiration – A Geometric Wedding

In my mind I can see two graphic designers madly in love, planning their wedding, and this is exactly what they would create! in my mind anyway! I’m dating a graphic designer myself, and when I picked up on this theme it just reminded me so much of him! Why? Not┬áreally sure.. maybe because it’s all shapes and stuff.. graphic designers work with them… right?! (haha he’s totally going to tell me off about this! hehe)


Anyway, back to the post! I was going through the 100,000th page of Pinterest when I picked up on the image of the geometric style cake, and thought ‘hold on, that’s totally a wedding cake, it’s not traditional, but it’s totally amazing!’ and it went from there! the rest of the night was googling ‘geometric weddings’ ‘angular weddings’ (Not much came up then – wonder why?!) however what I did find was absolutely amazing, and very inspiring so I HAD to share them with you all! As said previously I did struggle ever so slightly trying to find examples, as it doesn’t have a very traditional essence about it, quite futuristic, and quite daring in a sense? but I love it! One thing I did think of though, Was I did a post a short while ago about Crystals at weddings (Linked here) this could very easily be added into the theme too. If you’re looking to add a bit of colour by the crystals or looking to throw some more shapes in, it’s the perfect match!


However, enough of what i think. here is lots of inspiration to get yourself inspired!


PLEASE NOTE! None of these photos belong to me, I have linked the images back to where I found them on Pinterest and if I can find out who the photographer/artist is I have linked them also! If you love what you see, just click the image, and it will take you to the original source via Pinterest! May lead you to another fabulous and inspiring blog, so you too can spend hours admiring!









Psssttt! This was the cake I was talking about! How Funky!!





Enjoy! <3