Inspiration – A Very Rustic Wedding!

June 13

One thing I could do, Is sit on Pinterest for hours on end and admire everyone else weddings! I’m not married or engaged myself (yet!) however I can dream about my perfect wedding! Only problem is, my favourite theme/style/colours change pretty much on a weekly basis so as you can image my Pinterest is quite varied!

With this I decided to share my finds with everyone else who checks out my blog, help inspire you for your big day, give you ideas to get your little crafty fingers itching to move!

PLEASE NOTE! None of these photos belong to me, I have linked the images back to where I found them on Pinterest and if i can find out who the photographer/artist is I have linked them also! If you love what you see, just click the image, and it will take you to the original source via Pinterest! May lead you to another fabulous and inspiring blog, so you too can spend hours admiring!

First Theme – A Very Rustic Wedding!

Rustic wedding

Photo – Samantha Ward

This has been a theme very close to my heart! I grew up next to fields called ‘Lamely Dumbles’ where I spent pretty much every summer lost there, and as a family we used to go to steam fairs that couldn’t get anymore ‘rustic’ if you tried! Keeping it natural, yet not afraid to get your hands (A little!) bit dirty with beautiful golden browned tones matched with deep greens, oranges and possibly a hint of lemon or sunflower yellow, healthy green grass and the whitest whites you’ve ever seen, you are well on your way to the perfect rustic wedding! Here are various images I’ve come across to help get that perfect look!


Rustic Wedding DrinksPhoto: Fondly Forever Photography

Keeping your guests fed and watered is one of the main ingredients to help keep the flow of the wedding going, so why not give them their drink options in these super stylish drinking stations! You could do your own version with Kilner Jars glass dispensers. They only cost around £25 for 2 of them that each hold around 5 litres, How can you say no to that?!

rustic barrow

Photo: Unknown – (Found on Rockmywedding since been archived)

If you don’t like the idea of the drinking station, or feeling like spoiling everyone, Then why not get creatively rustic with adding a wheelbarrow into the mix! to get the right look you don’t want to buy a wheelbarrow brand new, so go get stuck into a car boot! The 6am wakeup call may not be your thing but you can bet you’ll find some amazing treasures for your special day at a fraction of the price!

For an exhibition I did a few years ago I did just this, except for it was in a bath and it was a huge success! Buying around 10 bags of dry ice we put the various types of alcoholic beverages in there to keep them ice cold – Very helpful on those blazing sunny days! You will find that if you dot these around the venue they will be extremely popular, so make sure you have someone on drinks patrol before you run out!

Rustic fork

Photo – La Pomme et la Pipe

When it gets to the meal its a must to WOW your guests when they walk into the wedding breakfast room, so why not add some little touches to personalise everyone’s table setting? this could be so simple, as shown above! Simply adding a little tag with each persons name on written in beautiful calligraphy and a gorgeous heart cut out will make the whole party be in awe of your hard work, even better each one of them would only take a few minutes to make! However if you’re not feeling the crafty vibes there is plenty of crafters out there who would be happy to help you out!

Very rustic wedding

Photo – Gai Canali

Really want to get the WOW factor? collect some local logs or twigs (Please don’t think I’m encouraging you to start hacking down the nearest tree! Storm damaged wood is always best – or contact a local tree surgeon for some leftovers!) and start to engrave onto the wood! remember at school when you used to write on your exercise books who you loved with your initials in? carve it into the wood and make them beautiful centre pieces covered in moss at the bottom! (Can also buy that from local florists!)


Photo – Jo Photo

Finally, If you’re looking to keep the centre pieces low-key, but equally just as gorgeous, why not hollow out a block of wood (Again ref to post above in storm damaged wood/tree surgeon) and turn it into a little vase for your baby breath/gypsophila bouquets! Simply beautiful and perfect for a minimal rustic wedding! Why not give it a go!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, I certainly have! Each week I will post a different theme which I find super interesting and how to incorporate it into your wedding, So keep your eyes peeled!

Jess <3