Inspiration – A Vintage Wedding Dream by Jess Rigley

June 25

So, I don’t think im on my own here when I say, I absolutely LOVE a vintage styled wedding! Lets see what you can create with your gran and granddads bits and bobs!

Inspiration – A Vintage Wedding Dream

My Favourite era is of the 1930s through to 1950’s just something so romantic and nostalgic about it. The fashion, the appliances, the styling, the second world war bringing everyone together and the all famous saying, ‘ Make do and Mend’ its no wonder it’s so popular among the wedding industry! So, here is some inspiration to help get you on your way to your perfect vintage wedding dream!

PLEASE NOTE! None of these photos belong to me, I have linked the images back to where I found them on Pinterest and if i can find out who the photographer/artist is I have linked them also! If you love what you see, just click the image, and it will take you to the original source via Pinterest! May lead you to another fabulous and inspiring blog, so you too can spend hours admiring!




So if you’re planning to have a vintage style wedding, why not go vintage right from the start! There is so many ones you can buy from the store, But to get the proper vintage-esque to the day, I suggest get as much as you can which is ‘real’ vintage. (Or replicas if you can’t afford it!) To start off with you could do save the dat cards like above! At a guess, these are replicas (Might be wrong!) however in the first and second world war, Wives would send postcards to the soldiers and sew embroidery on to them for a personal touch. They’re beautiful trust me, and you can get them with no writing on too! Not a huge amount of people know about them, so they would make a beautiful save the date, that people would really save! they can be found at car boots, Vintage shops and postcard fairs!



One very popular choice at Vintage weddings that I absolutely love, Is an old wooden ladder! they add so much character to a wedding, especially if you find a lovely distressed one! As shown above you can buy wooden letters and place them down the ladder, Either Love, Mr & Mrs, depending on how many steps it has! Medicine bottles, jars flowers and pearls make great addition to the ladders and at car boots, people are pretty much giving them away so it won’t break the bank!



Now, Tea cup candles! This is something that has been around for a while now, but really hitting the trend seasons now! I’m seeing these pop up everywhere, And i even make them myself, it’s that easy! Great to put on the tables for decoration, or to have in the centerpieces for the wedding breakfast. Just go to the best shop for your candles, get some candle wicks from Hobbycraft and get the wax melted! I advice you google around for how to do this properly or you tube, as I made a lovely wax mess all over the hob first time – Which my partner wasnt too happy about!! A little tip too, to get them smelling absolutely lovely, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil in, and the smell will fill the room in no time!


This is an idea I’ve not seen at an actual wedding before, But its amazing! Doilies were so, so, so popular back in the day, Especially In Nottingham where I live, as it was the central place for lace! So you can only imagine how many of these was knocking around! so get yourself down to the nearest charity shop, or your Nan, if she’ll let you!! and get as many of these lace doilies (And paper ones too!) For the Lace doilies to get the desired effect above you just blow up a balloon to the desired size, then stick them on with PVA glue! Once dried, pop the balloon, and then you have your very own vintage lampshade! For the Paper doilies, all you need to do is buy a paper lampshade from Wilko and then starting from the bottom, glue the bottom half of the doilies to the paper shade, and just wait to dry! So cheap and creative, it’s a great addiction to a vintage wedding!


At every car boot, charity shop, vintage store, you will see lace table cloths hanging around everywhere! So why not make a great use of them, stepping away from the norm of the usual chair covers and tie these around! You can guarantee every single one will be completely different, adding a beautiful personal touch to each chair! Also get real or fake flowers, and with some flower wire tie them up around the middle of the chair and slot the flower in. Voila!



If you decide you want to be a bit less in everyone’s face, and more classic, Why not have another take on Bunting? I would love to do this myself, as it looks very classy, and would suit a  very minimal wedding too! Going away from the typical bunting, it would be very easy to do! Something that is on the list for my wedding.. that isn’t happening?!



Finally, What would a vintage wedding be without a camera popping up somewhere?! Of course you will be having a wedding photographer there, but let the guests get snap happy too! It’s a great way to capture those moments you might miss out on while the photographer is busy shooting another subject! High street stores are stocking more varieties on disposable cameras, or even try eBay! you wouldn’t have to look far, and they’re certainly the perfect final touch to your vintage wedding dream!


Hope you have enjoyed the post! Is there something you think I’ve missed out which is Crucial for a vintage wedding? Let me know!




Jess <3