Nic & Rich wedding

April 15

In late 2012 after leaving school for a good few years now, had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of one of my old Textiles teachers! Towards the end of leaving school she announced she was moving to the other side of the world with her partner, Rich – to Australia! Thinking we wouldn’t see her again, We all said our goodbyes. However Sticking to her Nottingham roots she soon came back to get married at the Nottingham Council House, and asked me if i would take the pleasure of photographing her wedding, and in a heart beat I said yes!

Naturally being a textiles teacher, Nic had created her own wedding dress, and it was all parts amazing! A one off vintage-esque piece covered in a stunning floral lace you couldn’t help but look in amazement. With meeting up with her only a few days prior to the wedding (Due to being in Australia before!) we was well on the way to a fabulous wedding, and was a great catchup too!

Here are a few shots of the beautiful day <3



IMG_3870  IMG_3922









How beautiful!


Jess <3