Photographic Background

June 1

So I bet a few of you are wondering what my background is, and how I came around to be a wedding photographer!


I started my photographic career in 2006 where i started mainly self taught experimenting till I started College in 2008. ¬†After 2 years of Studying, I then moved to study Editorial and Advertising photography at University in Gloucestershire. In this time I experimented mainly with Fashion, where I worked alongside Clients Like; Toni&guy, L’oreal, COW, Converse as well as Italian Vogue as photographer of the day and their latest aspiring photographer. (2011)


As well as working in the Fashion Industry, I also worked in doing weddings (from 2006 onwards Рassisting various photographers) Surrealism portraits and street photography, which I try as much to keep active in doing now.


In 2010 I then moved to London for a few months working at the Guardian news paper (Picture editors assistant – food section) which was amazingly fun! being given a credit card to buy pretty food – not complaining! I then moved onto working in the Worx studios, Where I helped in assisting alongside celerity shoots which was great fun!


However I soon realised that Enjoyed weddings the most out of all the experiences, and that is why I have pursued it!


Here is a little preview into my personal photography from over the years. If you’re interested in seeing anymore, please feel free to head over to: Jess Rigley






Jess <3