Wedding inspiration 2018 – A Blush wedding

February 27

Wedding inspiration 2018 – A Blush wedding

Inspiration posts are back! First one of course, has to be one I absolutely love. We’re currently planning our own wedding, and getting all the completely over excited vibes you lovely couples get too! For our wedding we’re styling it with blush pink, So come and check out what we’re creating!

Wedding inspiration 2018 – A Blush wedding

Blush pink has got to be one of the prettiest colours, in my opinion anyway! It’s not as harsh as a normal pink, but soft enough to compliment all skin tones. Whats even better, is its one of the top trends for weddings in 2018! If you’re anything like me, you’ll like the whole process to be as easy as possible, so going for what the hot and latest trend is, means there will be lots of decorations, bridesmaids dresses and styling props in all the wedding shops, and all the suppliers will have plenty of everything in that colour to meet demand, which makes my life a whole lot easier. Only risk you’ll run is that your wedding will look similar to a lot of other weddings, but I can deal with that. It just shows everyone else has fantastic taste, right?

So here is a few little snippets of what I found on Pinterest, which is now my wedding bible. I can’t recommend Pinterest enough. There is SO many amazing ideas out there, from a classic white wedding, to DIY’ing your whole wedding, to eloping out of the country. It’s a goldmine of ideas, seriously get over to Pinterest (After you’ve read this blog post, of course!)

Don’t you just love pink and white together, all these weddings showcased in this post show how perfectly it works together, keeping it simple with a mauve shade of pink, perfectly matches the greenery of the bridal bouquet, also mixing it with someĀ gypsophila adds a gorgeous delicate touch, which we’re incorporating into our wedding!

For our wedding, we’re going for the rustic/vintage styling to the props and decor for the day. What I find works really well with the blush pink/ mauve colouring though, is it works so well with any theme for a wedding. I’ve seen this colour scheme work for rustic weddings, classic weddings, modern weddings. It’s super adaptable which is probably why it’s so popular!

Had to add this in, Such an amazing way to add pink in, pink roses in ice cubes! Kudos to whoever thought of this idea!

Another little idea for inspiration for your wedding – if you’re looking to only add hints of it, this is a beautiful example, incorporating it into the dressing gowns, adding hints of it to the wedding greenery rather than a full pink bouquet too would be a lovely minimal touch.

Are you having pink in your wedding? How are you incorporating it into your wedding? Let me know in the comments!


Jess x