Becci & Sam Oaktree Farm

A Midsummers Dream

I had the privilege of capturing an enchanting set of wedding photographs at the picturesque Oaktree Farm venue. Bathed in the warmth of a radiant summer’s day, the atmosphere was simply idyllic.

The couple, Beci and Sam, exchanged their heartfelt vows amidst the natural beauty, surrounded by corn fields. The outdoor ceremony was a dream come true, with the gentle breeze and soft sunlight casting a magical glow on the couple. Adding to the charm, a VW camper van stood as a whimsical backdrop, representing their adventurous spirits.

The love and joy shared between Beci and Sam were evident in every frame, making this wedding photography session truly unforgettable.

Capturing the anticipation and excitement that fill the air before the “I do’s…

This series of wedding photography photos I captured at Oaktree Farm beautifully portray the build-up to the momentous day. From the early morning preparations to the final touches, every fleeting moment leading up to the ceremony was meticulously documented.

These photographs hold a special significance, as they capture the raw emotions, anticipation, and excitement that fill the air before the “I do’s.” It is crucial with me to preserve these moments because they tell the story of the couple’s journey, showcasing their transformation from individuals to partners about to embark on a lifelong commitment.

Capturing these precious moments allows the couple to relive the excitement and anticipation for years to come, reminding them of the magic and joy they felt in those hours leading up to their wedding at Oaktree Farm.

Capturing the before, during, and after moments of the ceremony

The ceremony photographs I captured at Oaktree Farm truly encapsulated the genuine emotions and natural reactions of both the couple and the guests.

I love to blend into the background, observing and documenting the moments as they unfolded. From the heartfelt glances shared between the couple to the tears of joy shed by their loved ones, I’m all about the authentic reactions and freezing them in time. Capturing the before, during, and after moments of the ceremony allowed me to tell a comprehensive story.

The anticipation and nervousness in the air before the vows, the profound joy and relief during the exchange of rings, and the exuberant celebrations that followed—all of these candid moments were meticulously preserved. By focusing on capturing the genuine expressions and reactions, I aimed to create a timeless collection of photographs that would allow the couple and their guests to relive the emotional journey of the wedding day for years to come.

The details

In addition to capturing the couple’s moments and emotions, I made sure to pay close attention to the intricate details of the venue at Oaktree Farm.

The table dressings and general decorations were meticulously designed, resulting in a breathtaking ambiance. From delicate floral arrangements to elegantly arranged table settings, every detail exuded beauty and charm. I aimed to capture these intricate elements through close-up shots, highlighting the thought and care that went into creating such a stunning visual atmosphere.

By focusing on the intricate details, I aimed to preserve not only the visual aesthetics but also the effort and creativity invested in making the venue a reflection of the couple’s unique style. These detail shots serve as a reminder of the overall beauty and meticulous attention to detail that enhanced the atmosphere and made the wedding at Oaktree Farm truly unforgettable.

Personal Shots

These photographs serve as a timeless reminder of the private moments they shared, enveloped by the beauty of the natural surroundings, and will forever evoke a sense of peace and love whenever they are revisited.