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Churnet Valley Railway Wedding

January 5

Early summer last year I had the joy of being a part of Sophie and Darren’s steam train and tipi wedding! I couldn’t post about this until recently, as I wanted to keep it under wraps until recently, as it was to be featured in Save the date Magazine! This I will also be doing a blog post about soon, However here my lovely reminder of the amazing wedding day!

Churnet Valley Railway Wedding

So, I did a sneak peek of the wedding here back in June! We spent the day under the most glorious sun, It certainly did shine for a beautiful couple! starting our journey at Cheddleton Station, We arrived to the wedding venue, Consall Station, by style on steam train with the groom and the rest of the wedding party. Whilst we was watching the beautiful scenery pass us by, Sophie the beautiful bride was travelling by boat (Not sure of the official name for it, Sorry!) also arriving in style! The rest of the day panned out beautifully, and it was a pleasure to be a part of. Here is a collection of shots that both myself and Richard photographed throughout their wedding at Churnet Valley Railway. featuring Peak Tipis!

(I would check both of these companies out if you’re looking for wedding venues for outdoors. You can’t fault them!)

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-9

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-30

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-33

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-36

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-45

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-56

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-59

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-66

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-68

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-74

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-83

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-85

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-92

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-98

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-106

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-109

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-110

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-115

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-124

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-147

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-148

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-149

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-161

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-162

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-167

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-169

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-185

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-192

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-205

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-213

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-215

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-223

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-236

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-241

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-246

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-261

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-272

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-276

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-280a

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-283

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-288

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-291

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-300

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-303

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-305

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-307

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-309

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-319

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-322

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-326

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-328

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-334

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-358

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-366

S&D- Churney-Valley-Railway-370

As you can see, it was a hugely enjoyable wedding, and i was completely over the moon when they asked me to spend the day with them!

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