Jon & Joey Wollaton Hall

Jon & Joey - Wollaton Hall Wedding

Jon & Joey – Wollaton Hall Wedding

A few weeks ago, we was lucky enough to spend the day with a close friend of mine Jon on his special day marrying his best friend, Joey at Wollaton Hall. As soon as Jon told me he and Joey was getting married, I knew it was going to be totally incredible. We certainly wasn’t disappointed!

Jon & Joey – Wollaton Hall Wedding

When you’ve been close friends with someone for over 16 years, being asked to shoot their wedding is such a honour. I don’t think I can put into words how amazing it feels. I knew as soon as I met Jon & Joey together, they’re such a perfect match. Even better, they held their special day at the incredible Wollaton Hall which is just total wow factor everywhere. (Sorry no, we didn’t see batman!) Very suiting for them! With Jon having a background in fashion design and Joey in events, It was of course going to be the perfect day!

The day was full of the most beautiful sunshine, London bus, abundance of flowers, and a fashion photoshoot with the most incredible dresses. I won’t give too much away, as this is only meant to be a highlight reel. However it was impossible to only pic 10 photos. Here is a look into Jon & Joeys special day at Wollaton hall!