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My Wedding Review of 2016

February 5

Oh my, I’m sorry i’ve disappeared for nearly a year! I bet you’re all wondering where I disappeared to?! Well, I certainly didn’t fall off the wedding scene as it was my busiest year yet… come and have a nosey to see what I’ve been up to!

My Wedding Review of 2016

So, looking at my blog¬†it was just under a year ago I last posted. June 2016, and previous to that was March 2016. How much of a shame is that? For the whole of 2016 I’ve been so busy… blogging about the beautiful weddings had to go onto the back burner sadly, so I could concerntrate on putting my time and effort into each of the 50 weddings I shot in 2016! So, What exactly have I been up to I hear you say? Well, let me update you on the wedding scene!

Not only was I busy with lots of weddings in Nottingham, Peak District, Lake District, East Sussex, but I was constantly all over the UK, as well as Europe for the first time in my wedding career! I had my first wedding abroad in a beautiful vineyard in Spain, and it was the most amazing¬†experience! A few sneaky shots may pop up in this post, but don’t worry! I will be doing a lot of back tracking posts, so that everyone can experience and enjoy the amazing experiences I got to have and see!

Here is a round up number one (!!) of my favourite moments of 2016, expect lots of love, laughter and tears! you never know, you may even spot yourself if I was at the wedding with you! Also, Keep your eyes peeled for round 2!