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The Gallivant Wedding at Camber Sands – Sophie & Scott

March 1

The Gallivant Wedding at Camber Sands – Sophie & Scott

Well, What more could you ask for within a wedding? Unlimited Beach? Check. Beautiful weather? Check. A gorgeous couple completely in love? Check. Lots of sun sea and sand? Check. All the fun you could ask for? Check. If this sounds like your wedding, I suggest you come and check this stunning wedding out!

The Gallivant Wedding at Camber Sands – Sophie & Scott

Previously I met Sophie & Scott at Camber Sands for their beautiful engagement photos the year previous, and you couldn’t help but completely fall in love with them both. 2 of the most light-hearted spirits floating around Camber Sands, completely in love. We spent the day shooting, rummaging for anything they could make use of for the wedding (They found an awesome huge shell to be fair!) and eating some of the best ice cream. Knowing how well the engagement shoot went, I couldn’t help but get excited for their wedding day the following May.

Soon enough, their big day came around, and before we knew it, I was in The Gallivant stood next to Scott who was nervously awaiting for Sophie to arrive and make her beautiful entrance. Once the vows were declared, and congratulations were celebrated, we all ran across the road onto the beach for lots of fun in the sun, and arguably the best group photos in the sea!

After a bit of sunbathing and messing around in the sea, we made our way back to the Gallivant where we all tucked into our fish and chips. I got to say though, Fish and chips by the sea – It doesn’t get better than that does it?

As they say, the rest is history. We all very much partied our way into the night and loved every minute of it!


Now I hand over to you, enjoy this beautiful wedding as much as we all did!