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Wedding Editorial – Hitchin Lavender

November 16

Hey! So if you keep up to date with me on my facebook page and instagram, You’ll notice a few of these gorgeous shots floating around, however I haven’t blogged about them! Crazy, eh?!

Wedding Editorial – Hitchin Lavender

So, It only occured to me last night, I havent blogged about this set of images, yet its my personal wedding work which I love the most! In the summer earlier this year, I wanted to take the task up on myself, to produce a beautiful wedding editorial, to inspire brides, that you can produce a look with clothes and accessories completely from a charity shop!  In total, I spent around £100 Including the dress (£50!!) Petrol, £20, accessories £20 plus other little bits like buying flowers, lavender etc.

Once all gathered together, we all then took a trip over to Hitchin Lavender fields. If you havent been, it is well worth the trip! The size of the fields is out of this world, which made the perfect backdrop for our dream wedding editorial!

Why did I decide to do this? Firstly, I wanted to show that you don’t have to spend £10,000 on a wedding to create your perfect look. If you’re on a strict budget, that doesnt mean you can’t have your dream wedding still! You just have to get creative! Secondly, One thing I’m noticing in the wedding world a lot at the moment is photo shoots of the couples in their wedding attire after the wedding. Why are people doing this, and do I think this is a good Idea? Yes! One thing i’ve noticed on other blogs is that they don’t get the quality time with the bride and groom on the wedding day. With all my couples I try to stress how important the photos are, but sometimes the timeline is out of my/the photographers hands so we don’t get as much time as we would like. Another reason is maybe the couple are very keen on their location for the personal imagery, so decide to choose another location at another date. You can’t beat another reason to get into that beautiful wedding dress, Right?!

Model: Georgina Stokes & Patrick Atkinson

MUA & Hair: Natalie Fox

Photography & PP: Myself

Anyway, Here are the stunning Hitchin field shots for you! This too, could be your reality!





Oh, And definitely have this to mention! When myself and the model was working away, we turn around to see Natalie, the MUA standing over a man in a field taking pictures of him?! Neither of us could stop laughing, for him to only come and join in on the photoshoot too with Natalie taking the photos! Quite obviously, none of us could stop laughing, and Natalie was my new assistant 😉








Enjoy! <3