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The Essential Wedding Photography FAQ by Jess Rigley

June 17

Wedding Photography FAQ by Jess Rigley

So, you’ve found your dream photographer, now you have a heap of questions! There are loads of forums online which tell you what to ask, but why they encourage you to ask what equipment we bring to your wedding; I’m lost! Relevant yes if you’re a photographer, however when couples have asked me, and I’ve provided them with a list they’ve just come back and said I may as well write it in Chinese as, they have no idea what I’m talking about! So here is a Wedding Photography FAQ, by myself, Jess Rigley. Written by a photographer, answering the wedding photography questions you really want to ask!

  • churnet-valley-railway-05FAQ Compared to all the other wedding photographers out there, what makes you stand out?

When you decide to book with myself, I am on call to your questions 7 days a week. Got a question bugging you late on Sunday night? Fire away! Im forever having to check my emails so I’ll pick it up within a few hours no doubt! I also pride myself in building a great relationship with the couple, as I will be spending the whole day with you, I like to get to know you both on a personal level and build a great relationship over the months coming up to the wedding! That way on the day, it will help calm the nerves, and make you much happier, and be able to focus on your wedding, rather than looking out for me to ‘catch your best side!’

When a booking is made I will ask many more questions than probably most photographers will about the wedding. Why? That’s because I want to know as much as I can about the wedding, IE the theme, what favours you’re looking to have, presents you’re giving to the children, colour scheme etc. This will then give me a great mental picture of how the wedding will look, I then can start do some forward thinking and researching into photographic ideas which will be suiting to YOUR wedding, and make it unique to any other wedding I’ve shot!

I listen to what YOU want from your wedding, I don’t just want to go to a wedding and be able to tick off my shot list. Wedding photography is usually the worst part for most couples as they hate the camera, so I want to help you overcome it, become comfortable and let me know what you both love, and we’ll get it in the shots! My aim for the end of the day is to make sure I can walk away from your wedding knowing I’ve made you 110% happy, and I’m happy to do what it takes!

Finally I’ve been in the industry for over 6 years now, training for 3 of them, 2 years part-time and now 1 year full-time and its easily the best career I could have ever chose! Making other couples happy, makes me ecstatic, and I genuinely look forward to each and every wedding!

  • FAQ Describe your wedding ‘style’

My style I would say in a nutshell is contemporary documentary style. My background in photography is mainly surrealist fashion and street documentary, so with these backgrounds mixed together I have a great ‘knack’ for capturing people when they don’t expect me around, capturing those precious moments which aren’t staged that people love the most. I like to interpret this throughout the whole of the day, to give more of a documentary style, then the ‘surrealist’ within me looks at how the wedding can be photographed in a unique, contemporary essence.

  • FAQ How early should I book my wedding photographer?

As early as you can! Chances are if you’ve fallen in love with a photographer, many others have too! And we usually get booked up pretty fast! We’re currently in 2015, I’m getting more and more bookings for 2017, and already pretty full for 2016!If you love the photographer but can’t afford the payment straight away, many photographers will offer payment plans to make it easier and more manageable chunks for you, just ask!

Wedding Photography FAQ By Jess Rigley

  • FAQ Do you have a wedding shot list?

I do indeed! If you would like to see it feel free to ask! It’s a list of all the key shots throughout the day, as well as all the main important group formals. After booking I like to send out the formal list for the couple to add to incase there is any extra shots they’re looking to get also!

  • FAQ Do you backup your files?

Most certainly do! I have 3 hard drives which I backup onto, Also looking at online backups too. Can never be too careful!

  • FAQ Do you bring backup kit to the wedding?

Sure! I have 2 camera bodies, 3 lens and enough batteries and memory cards to last a year.. at the least!

Wedding Photography FAQ By Jess Rigley

Wedding Photography FAQ By Jess Rigley

  • FAQ What size do you give the images out?

I give my images out full resolution JPEGS. This being because if you want to get the images printed, feel free! I do wedding albums, however I don’t like to push for them too much, as couples can see their quality and can decide for themselves. Want to get creative and make your own? Go ahead and see what magic you can create!

  • FAQ How do you relax us for the wedding photos?

I’m naturally quite a funny person, Usually you laughing at my expense one way or another! however I’m a very open chatty person and i just want to know all about you and your big day! I don’t like go overboard on the posing, as I like the more natural, laid back approach when it comes to the intimate shots of you both, I won’t treat you like my puppets don’t worry!

  • FAQ What happens if you fall ill for my wedding?

(Touch wood!!) in the 6 years I’ve been doing weddings I’ve never had to cancel once! However if it was the worse case scenario I have a large network of photographers I can call upon on the day to cover, Ones who I have mostly worked with at previous weddings, know and can trust!

Wedding Sheffield photographer

  • FAQ Are you confident in all weathers?

Sure am! Even though rain can be a bit of a pain in the bum you just have to work with it! You can get absolutely stunning images all-weather so it doesn’t worry me too much! I’ve worked in both Snow and rain and everyone was more than happy with the images, as we used it to our advantage!

  • FAQ How do I know if you’re the right wedding photographer for me?

First of all, See my photographic style, Is that how you picture your wedding? If the answer is Yes then we’re onto a great start! Next is to see if I’m within your price range, and arrange to meet up! There is no better way to see if we’re all right for each other fr the wedding than meeting up, Getting to see people in the flesh, getting to know their personalities is a perfect way to find, if I’m right for you!

  •  Wedding Photography FAQ how many photos do you give out for the final set?

Surveys have shown that on an average a wedding photographer will produce between 50-100 photos per hour. For an all day wedding I usually give out around 600+. There is plenty of other photographers who will give out every shot they did, however I believe in quality over quantity so I won’t give you all 10 of the same shot I did, I will give only the best!

FAQ for your Wedding Photographer By Jess Rigley

FAQ for your Wedding Photographer By Jess Rigley

  • FAQ How long until I see my photos?

Once the wedding is done I will spend some time popping them onto my computer, this usually takes a day, as for the files are so huge! Once I’ve done that, I’ll have a quick flick through them and pick some of my favourites, edit them and then do a ‘sneak peek’ blog post for you to see the images! this is always super exciting, as you get a quick look into how I saw the day and the little details of the wedding all being highlighted, And also keeps up the anticipation of the photos! After that its then usually a month until the images will be posted out to you in the beautiful Wooden USBs!

  • FAQ Will the images be used for advertising?

In my T&Cs I do state that I will use the images for advertising, but i won’t sell your images to make profit off. Examples of how I will use them, is in my wedding albums, online presence, business cards and so on. However if you would like to keep your photos private, that isn’t a problem just drop me a message and let me know!

  • FAQ How will we receive the images?

I send out the images on beautiful wooden USB sticks which can be found here.

FAQ for your Wedding Photographer By Jess Rigley

FAQ for your Wedding Photographer By Jess Rigley

  • FAQ Do you have any testimonials?

I do indeed! they can be found here. This is something I encourage everyone I’ve worked with to do, that way keeps them up to date!

  • FAQ Can we give you a list of shots we want on the day of us?

Go ahead! This can apply for the intimate shots, shots of you and your bridal party or the formals, just send them straight over!

  • FAQ How do you feel about guests taking photos or videos?

I’m more than happy to let guests take their own snaps, and for videographers if you’re planning one just let me know so we can have a chat beforehand and sort a schedule between us both so we don’t get in each others way!

One thing I’m not too keen on though is if you tell someone else that they can do the photography too for free, and take over my job. This has happened to me twice now, to the point of the woman coming up to me, being very foul-mouthed, shouting at me and disturbed the ceremony just because I was in the ‘photographer spot’ in the church. If you’re inviting someone to the wedding who is interested in wedding photography, just let me know and I’m more than happy to let them tag along with me and show them how its done! I much prefer to work with people, than against them. Even though I’m working I still love to enjoy your wedding as much as any other guest!

FAQ for your Wedding Photographer By Jess Rigley

FAQ for your Wedding Photographer By Jess Rigley

  • FAQ Do you provide retouching services?

I do yes and its all within the payments! If you have a particular scar or tattoo you don’t want in the shots, Just let me know and ill take it out of all of the shots for you.

  • FAQ Do you provide the original files?

This isn’t something I do for all weddings, however if you would like the original files AS WELL AS the edited photos then there is just an extra £70 charge for them (As I will still retouch these at a basic level) However I will not shoot your wedding and only provide the original files.

  • FAQ Why is wedding photography so frickin’ expensive?!

This is one of the most common wedding photography FAQ ‘s every wedding photographer will experience! Its also the question, that when I’m at a wedding I will have an amateur/hobbyist photographer right behind me claiming their the next best wedding photographer. I really wish it was that easy! I’m sure if it was, the wedding industry would be even more competitive than it already is! So here are the reasons why!

  1. You’re paying for the photographers unique view of the wedding. depending on how they have been trained everyone will look at each wedding differently.
  2. When I agree to shoot your wedding, I will be shooting for around 12 hours that day from start to end, Keeping my eye our for every second just so I don’t miss any tiny detail, and constantly trying to think of how to bring a fresh create vibe to the images, with the only break I get is when you’ve having your wedding breakfast, it’s not as easy as most seem to think. As well as that, dependent on where the wedding is also, there can be unto 2 hours travelling each way. (Any longer and I’ll book a hotel overnight!) so basically what I’m trying to say is, it’s a very long days work, not something everyone can hack!
  3. As well as this, we also have a lot of outgoings (sadly!!) these include: Taxes, Photographer insurance, Software costs and Advertising costs, which all very rapidly eat away at the costs.
Wedding Photography FAQ By Jess Rigley

Wedding Photography FAQ By Jess Rigley

So that was a pretty extensive list of questions, if you have any more questions not covered in this wedding photography FAQ, then pop them over here and I will pop an answer back, before updating this wedding photography FAQ.


Thank you for reading my wedding photography FAQ, I hope you enjoyed it!

Jess <3