Becca & Liam The Peak District

Peak District Wedding Adventure Session

Well, Here is a post I’m VERY excited to be sharing! A new service we’re offering, Adventure sessions! You interested? If you LOVE adventures, hikes, waterfalls, and exploring, It’s definitely worth checking out! 

Peak District Wedding Adventure Session

So, This is an Idea I’ve been wanting to implement for SO LONG, but you know, Covid got in the way, so I had to put it on hold which was a huge shame! But now the world is starting to open back up We can offer socially distanced shoots. And they’re in such beautiful locations! We took our first adventure session to the Peak District, to a gorgeous, yet quiet little picturesque brook which had photo opportunities in every corner!

So, what does an Adventure Session entail? It’s quite simple really! A day or two after the wedding day we will meet up again, in your gorgeous Dress & Suit, and go exploring somewhere completely unique, amazing and picturesque! It can be the forest, hiking up to a gorgeous location, getting into a waterfall. Whatever your vision is, We make it happen! the only Catch is, we may get a little muddy or wet – But it’s part of the adventure, right?!

Peak District Wedding Adventure Session

This is the perfect time to get those shots that aren’t always possible on the wedding day. As you can tell by my ‘style’ I love the candid shots of yourself, and the guests throughout the day. And you can’t always allow an hour or so to go for an explore, so rather than rushing you throughout your day, spread out the celebration and love. Give yourself the BEST excuse to pop your gorgeous dress on again!

You can’t deny how gorgeous these two look, and if you don’t fancy getting your dress & suit on again, you can wear whatever you would like! A sparkly party dress, a gorgeous cosy knit. Whatever makes you feel comfortable – just don’t forget your hiking boots!

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a nosey through this, as much as we enjoyed our little adventure! There will be plenty more to come! 

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Jess xo